Technical documents
Code 1: Systematic coding system for different ingredients
Code 2: Coding system, definition and calculations of the nutritional values of each ingredient
Reference: Major references as sources of information
Presentations & Workshops
Document 1:Dominique Bureau: 2010 Defining and Meeting EAA Requirement Thailand final
Document 2:Dominique Bureau:2013 Plenary Session Soy Product Aquaculture 21 Feb 2013
Document 3:Dominique Bureau:2014 Talking about Nutrition
Document 4: Dominique Bureau: 2015 IAFFD GAA Mag Sept Oct
Document 5: Dominique Bureau: 2016 USSEC Workshop Day 1 Approach to Estimate Nutritive Value and Nutritional Specifications
Document 6:Dominique Bureau: 2015 IAFFD BestMix Nutrient and Ingredient Restrictions
Document 7:Riaz Mian: 2015 USSEC Density Control Aquatic Feeds
Document 8:Dominique Bureau: 2016 AqKIMAS WAS Dubai 14 March 2016
Document 9:Dominique Bureau: 2015 Nutrient based formulations revised 27 Aug 2015
Document 10:Dominique Bureau: 2016 USSEC IAFFD Workshop Sept 2016 Day 2
Document 11:Dominique Bureau: 2016 Nutrition and Feeding Dubai Meetings v 16 March 2016 short