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The "International Aquaculture Feed Formulation Database (IAFFD)" project is an initiative spearheaded and funded by the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and USAID (the United States of America Aid Agency) through their MARKET (Maximizing Agricultural Revenue through Knowledge, Enterprise Development and Trade) project delivered by Nathan Associates. The IAFFD was developed by Veridis Aquatic Technologies (VAT) with the support of the University of Guelph’s Fish Nutrition Research Laboratory (UG-FNRL) and Laval University’s Animal Physiology Research Group (GRYPHA).

This important project hopes to make a significant difference to the aquaculture industry in Asia by providing aquaculture feed millers with some of the information required for the formulation of cost-effective feeds for major aquaculture species across their life cycle.

The IAFFD is currently comprised of a “Feed Ingredient Composition Database” (FICD) and an “Aquaculture Species Nutritional Specifications Database” (ASND) with specifications for 22 species (or groups of species) commonly cultured in Asia.

The databases are constantly evolving so please make sure to visit this platform on a regular basis for updated information.

You may contact Dr. Dominique P Bureau (dominiquebureauug@gmail.com) if you are willing to share feedback or on data ingredients, species nutritional profiles or other information that would make the database more complete.